Smart Transportation

    Core Models

  • It was the first portfolio of concept, R&D product and application implementation of the public transportation Internet infrastructure in the industry.

    At present, most available products in the industry are decentralized public transportation service systems such as cloud scheduling and big data, and no solution has been proposed from the infrastructure level. With an extensive customer base and technological advantages in the industry, CICTEC pioneered the development of core products and solutions at the infrastructure level.

  • The first bus domain gateway is developed and launched to achieve data sharing transmission about a variety of hardware equipment on the bus, one-card centralized management, and application of 5G bus network.

  • Compile and put forward the data regulations on the Internet construction and open up the data channel for the construction of the Internet platform in the public transportation industry; lay the foundation for the development of urban comprehensive transportation, exchange and sharing of data resources.

  • Visual and intelligent integrated application innovation is applied to perform real-time dynamic monitoring of data and forwarding sharing at different nodes on the bus network, which further realizes a shared digital economy in the public transportation industry.

Smart Transportation