Smart Agriculture

Digital agriculture is a collective concept that includes precision agriculture, precision farming, intelligent agriculture, smart agriculture, agricultural big data, and the internet of things (loT). Tus digital agriculture is the leading solution service provider in the field of digital agriculture in China.TDG’s Digital Agriculture Business will combine the unique ER entity identification and quality control technology and the Smart T.Ex trusted data exchange technology of Tus Data Asset Group with leading technologies such as AI, VR/AR, Beidou technology, UAV, telemetry and remote sensing, and IoT to promote the upgrading of agriculture in China.

Smart Agriculture

Digital agriculture will become critically competitive in the next 10 years and will be the ultimate solution for the entire industry. Digital agriculture solutions may be combined with planting models, data models, and solidified and refined traditional experience to develop more efficient and accurate processes.

Core Models

Vertical development in the direction of data (cloud) platform

Starting with demonstration bases, network certain agricultural product, establish a data model for the product (e.g. artificial eaglewood, swiftlet breeding,bird nest production and processing), and expand it to other areas to harvest benefits.

Horizontal extension of data (cloud) platform

Acquire more data about agricultural products by continuously providing solutions for industry practitioners, enrich the database, and improve the data model.

Build funds and shared farms to open capital and profit channels

Build funds and develop shared farms by applying the blockchain technology to acquire capital, and investors can receive physical or investment returns as agreed.

Smart Agriculture