Company Introduction

Beijing Tus-Digital Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “TDG”) originated from Tsinghua university, also it is a wholly-owned digital industry investment and operation platform of Tus-Holdings. Centered round “data, algorithms and knowledge”, to build a new digital city model integrating by "industry digitization, city digitization and park digitization". TDG is committed to becoming a global innovation leader and ecological builder of digital transformation in data intelligence Era. It is dedicated to the construction of “Digital China” empowered by technology and a bright future driven by innovation.

TDG invests in leading and listed companies in the industry, including Tus Nation Sky, 21Vianet Group (NASDAQ: VNET), CICTEC (430109.0C), Tus-Tuwei (833320.0C), and Tus-Digital World. It develops core digital capabilities in mobile network security, next-generation Internet infrastructure, smart transportation, wireless communication, and virtual reality. It has established a digital ecological system with whole chain synergy represented by “the College of Digit”, “the Digital China Research Center”, and “the Digital Industry-City Alliance in Zhongguancun” in the field of talent cultivation and R&D in digital industry. It has rapidly grown into a leading digital technology service enterprise group which owns or controls 72 subsidiaries and manages assets valued approximately RMB 20 billion.

Through continuous development and exploration, TDG has formed a high quality management team and accumulated rich experience in digital economy in the form of technology investment and incubation that enables it to gather core digital assets and technology capabilities. It will continue actively responding to the national development strategy. Centered round “data, algorithms and knowledge” and being “market, brand, service and innovation oriented”, it is determined to strengthen its independent innovation and R&D capabilities in big data, artificial intelligence, edge computing, industrial Internet, blockchain, to fostermore powerful digital industry clusters and digital economic ecosystems, and to grow into a leader in the data intelligence era.