Edge Computing

Relying on the high-quality resources of enlightenment holdings and well-known universities, we independently develop enlightenment intelligent edge computing product system, which is oriented to typical application scenarios such as smart city, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent medical treatment, smart park, intelligent transportation, military-civil integration and so on. We provide the solution of soft-hard integration edge computing to meet the requirements of intelligent connection, safety control, delay sensitivity and cost reduction in the digital core demands such as efficiency enhancement. 

Relying on the five core technologies of edge computing node interconnection, network security slice, time-sensitive network, cloud network collaborative control and programmable data package processor, we build a complete product system of “four in one”of chip, operating system, platform and new information infrastructure. 

Adhere to the overall strategy of “integrating resources, technological innovation, application as the king, focusing on typical markets, building industrial ecology”, and strive to become the world’s leading edge computing operators. 

Core Products
Edge Computing