Digital Ecological

A digital ecosystem dominated by “the digit research center, the college of digit,the digital industry-city alliance in zhongguancun, and the global collaborative innovation network” under the umbrella of TDG has been constructed quickly.

Digit Research Center provides research services and support for Tus-Holdings in its digital strategy and expands new technologies and models in the digital sector;
College of Digit cultivates applied digit talents and integrates teaching, training, research and service as one cradle of talents that is accurately positioned and delivers significant benefits in the digital field;
Digital Industry-City Alliance builds digital industry, realizes resources aggregation realize resources fusion through various financial means, and builds Tus-industry-city alliance with enlightening charateristi;
The global collaborative innovation network spreads the digital ecosystem to the world to enable exchange and connectivity of leading knowledge and technologies in the globe and to inject continuous impetus to the development and innovation of the digital ecosystem.
Digital Ecological